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Designed with both form and functionality in mind, Advantage Poles enable fast, safe and cost effective installation of lighting and camera poles. Utilising our state of the art concrete free foundation technology Securepier, our poles allows for full installation in less than one hour. Advantage Poles can be used for either temporary or permanent applications.

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Q. Do i require special equipment to install?
In order to install the system you will need to purchase a few specialist tools from us. The cost of these tools is relatively low. The other item you will require is a jack hammer which can be hired for around $ 100 a day or purchased for between $ 400 to $1200.

Q. What wind regions can i install it in?
Advantage poles can be installed in wind regions A, B, C & D.

Q. What soil types can i install it in?
The system has been engineered to be able to be installed in all soil conditions that are firm in nature or have a minimum bearing capacity of 100KPA. Pure sand sites need site specific engineering to be carried out. Where rock is encountered you can predrill a hole to drive the piles into the ground. This is a far more superior way of dealing with rock sites than jack hammer a big hole in the ground only to fill back up again with concrete.

Q. What depth do the piles need to be driven?
The piles are driven into the ground 1300mm in all cases except pure sand sites.  

Q. How long does it take to install?
The fastest we have ever installed the system was 20 minutes which included mounting the solar light fitting. If you allow 1 hour for each pole including mounting your fixture this would be ample.




Advantage Poles are covered by a 50 year structural warranty and a 15 year finish warranty. The structural warranty covers the pole and foundation system and the finish warranty covers the powder coating against fading or cracking.

Advantage Poles are manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Assurance programme here in Australia, eliminating all risk of non-conformance. Materials used in our manufacturing process are sourced from Australian suppliers only guaranteeing conformance and performance of the system.



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